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The Process of Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Before we discuss how to remove that popcorn from your ceilings, let's discuss why you might want to remove your old popcorn ceilings?

- Nothin dates a homes like popcorn ceilings - Removing old popcorn from your ceilings is one of the most affordable and cost effective renovations you can do to update and brighten the look of your home. Especially if you plan on selling!

- Stains or leaks? Popcorn ceilings are difficult to repair

- Eliminates cobwebs, fallings white specks, and dust mites

- Popcorn ceilings are difficult to clean and paint

Steps To Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Step 1:  Prepairing the Job Site
Popcorn ceiling removal is a messy job! Preparing your home or commercail building is a key essential to a quality job and a clean outcome. You first want to remove anything hanging on your walls: pictures/frames, paintings, valuables, ect. Also, remove anything you may display on the top of your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Next you will want to rearrange your furntiure for easy navigation of the room during the removal process. However, it is best to remove all large furntiure from the room entirely.

Step 2: Masking Rooms
Again, we must stress! Popcorn ceiling removal is a messy process! Along with prep work - masking rooms properly is an essential part to containing the mess that goes along with removing popcorn from your ceilings.

Covering your floors is the first step in the Masking Process. We first lay down a layer of plastic on our projects to cover the entire floor. Next we lay down drop clothes on top of the plastic to cover the floors entirely. Only doing drop clothes will work just fine. However, we perfer the additional layers for added protection from the messy popcorn removal process!

Once we have completely covered your floors we cover any furnture left in the room with plastic and tape it to the floor. Then cover the furtniture with drop clothes as well.

Next we want to tape and mask your walls. As we have mentioned; Removing the old popcorn is a huge mess! Basically, we want to contain the mess from the ceilings by covering absolutely everything in the room.

We use painters tape and run a strip at the very top of the wall, just below the ceiling. Once we have done a strip of tape around the entire room, we then take 9'-12' foot plastic that typically comes in 400'+ rolls and tape it on top of our pre-ran tape strip. We then hang the taped plastic down the walls from the ceiling and tape it to the floor. Completely covering the walls and enclosing the room.

Step 3: Scraping Ceilings
Let the mess begin! Once everything is completely covered it is time to start scraping the popcorn from the ceilings. The difficulty of this process will be determined based on whether the popcorn on your ceiling has been painted or not. Popcorn ceilings that have been painted are always more diffcult to remove. Popcorn ceilings that aren't painted will sometimes easly scrape right off with a drywall tape knife. However, on most ceilings we use an applicator and mist the ceilings lightly with water and let it sit a few minutes. Once the water has soaked into the popcorn texture, it is quite easy to remove with just a drywall tape knife. This process WILL NOT stain your ceilings drywall. As it is sprayed light enough to just penetrate the popcorn texture.

Step 4: Ceiling Drywall Repairs
After the popcorn is completly removed from the ceilings we check the ceilings for any cracks, stains, or loose drywall tape. We make all necessary drywall repairs to the ceilings and let dry.

Step 5: Ceiling Texture Installation
Now it's time to apply a new sleeker and updated looking texture. We specialize in a variety of differnet ceiling textures. Two of the most popular ceiling textures that we do are Smooth Ceilings and Knockdown textured ceilings. With Smooth ceilings we skim coat a thin layer of drywall compound on the ceilings and sand smooth. This creates a crisp and modern looking ceiling. Knockdown texture is applied using a hopper rig. We create a joint compound that we spray on the ceiling. This splatter that is sprayed on the ceiling creats a pattern type of texture. We let that sprayed compound partially dry and then we smooth it out (knock it down) creating a smoothed textured looking pattern. This makes for a clean and bright ceiling!

Step 6: Prime & Paint
With all the popcorn removed and the new texture applied to the ceiling; all that is left to do is prime and paint! Yes, we even handle painting the ceilings!

Even after all the mess we just created removing the popcorn from the ceiling the plastic is still up. This is perfect for getting ready to spray the ceilings with primer and paint. Drywall can absorb a lot of paint so it is benifecial and cost effective to prime the ceiling first before painting. We are excellent painters and we use professional paint spray rigs. These professional sprayers allow us to paint ceilings with ease. No matter which ceiling texture you go with. Once painted they are cleaner, brighter, and more beautiful than ever!

Step 7: Cleanup
Once the paint has dried we remove all of the plastic from the walls. We carefully remove the floors and haul the popcorn debris away. Our process does an excellent job of containing the mess. However, once everything is out of the work area we finish the job with a thorough clean up, vaccuming, whipe down, and mopping. Leaving your home or commercial building pristeine with a new and amazing looking ceiling!

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